Paper Airplanes – Harry Smith
Getty Research Institute

Photographs of Men in Rows
Barry Harrison

Gay Bar Matchbooks
ONE Archives, USC Libraries

Straw Horses – Morgyn Owens-Celli
American Museum of Straw Art

Asphalt Museum
Dr. V Scott Gordon

Bird Eggs and Nests
Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology

Institute for Art and Olfaction

Pencil Collages
Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village

Doll Hats – Olive Percival
Ella Strong Dension Library, Scripps College

Assemblage Furniture
Clare Graham – MorYork

Tom Hanks

Walnut Elephant
LA Chamber of Commerce

Prison Landscape Portraits
Alyse Emdur

Bullfighting Collection
George B. Smith
Los Angeles Public Library

‘Faded Photographs Of’
Vincent Ramos

Candy Wrapper Museum
Darlene Lacey

African American Museum of Miniatures
Karen Collins

Envelope Linings
William Davies King
‘A Crimson Grail’
Rhys Chatham

‘Happily Ever After’
Randy Hostetler

‘Slot Machine Music’
Adrian Rew
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