Arroyo Seco

November 17,    3 PM

Workshop: Lucha Libre masks

Talk and workshop with Chavez Art on lucha libre masks

Dec. 15,    3 PM

Workshop: Luche Libre Shrinky Dinks mask

Workon on drawing your own lucha libre shrinky dinks masks


Elia Vargas, an Oakland-based artist, curator and researcher, will give a talk titled Lubricated Substrates: The Early Oil Industry, Mysticism, and Light. By looking at the birth of the oil industry through the example of hydrocarbon parrafin, Lubricated Substrates proposes a refiguring of the mythology of crude oil as media. Focusing on the first U.S. commercial oil well, Drake Oil Well, and American mystic Edgar Cayce’s product Pennsylvania Crude Oil Scalp Treatment, Lubricated Substrates argues that the hydrocarbon paraffin must be thought of as a culture creating material transmission.

Vargas works across multiple mediums, including video, sound, projection, writing and performance. He is co-founder and co-curator of the Living Room Light Exchange, a monthly salon on new media art and digital culture; board member of the Soundwave Biennial; and a Ph.D. student in Film and Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz. Vargas has a long history of community radio broadcasting and place-based projects following an interest in transmission and human/non-human cultural formulation. He collaborates with a wide range of artists, scholars and institutions.

The mobile art gallery Gas will be parked at the Edendale Public Library during this event in their back parking lot. The current group exhibition “Anatomy of Oil” exploring oil production around Los Angeles will be on view. Anatomy of Oil features work by Susanna Battin, Kate Kendall, LA Transcendental Listenings (David Horvitz and Asha Bukojemsky), Michael Mandiberg, Nina Sarnelle, Molly Tierney, and Elia Vargas.

Please join us for a discussion, led by Zanna Gilbert and David Horvitz, exploring a collection of mail art sent by Horvitz to Gilbert at her workplace over the last 6 years and the unorthodox projects developed with the collection. This event will explore the way in which collections give meaning and context to individual objects that may seem slight or unimportant. Attendees will have the chance to view and handle the collection of materials, which range from mailed driftwood, to watercolors doused with Icelandic rain. Horvitz will lead a mail art workshop following the discussion.


Horvitz works across a range of media, frequently using photography, performance, art books, conceptual websites, online interventions, and mail art. He has exhibited at SF Camerawork, the Museum of Modern Art, the New MuseumTate Modern, and Art Metropole.


Gilbert is an art historian and curator. She completed her Ph.D. with Tate Research and the School of Philosophy and Art History at the University of Essex. Her research focuses on artists’ networks, mail art, Fluxus, and Conceptual art, as well as modern and contemporary art in Latin America.

Feminist Library on Wheels (F.L.O.W.) will host a zine making workshop.


F.L.O.W. is a free mobile lending library of donated books. F.L.O.W.’s mission is to celebrate and promote feminist works, and move them among communities to center marginalized voices and experiences. Founded in 2014, F.L.O.W. joyfully empowers people to find tools for liberation, making feminism accessible to all. Its catalog contains about 5,500 items enjoyed by about 1,400 card holders. The Women’s Center for Creative Work houses F.L.O.W.’s main branch.


In December, F.L.O.W. will display portions of its collection in the lobby of the Edendale Branch Library.

Please join us for a lecture/presentation on seed banking.


Theodore Payne Foundation horticulturists and botanists have been collecting and saving native seed in the Los Angeles region since the turn of the 19th century.  Follow the story from historic seed, tool and catalog displays up through modern day seed banking implements and methods, including the “seed museum” that reveals the intricate beauty and masterful design of seeds and their fruiting bodies.


In January, Theodore Payne Foundation will display portions of their seed collection in the lobby.


Oct 17,    4 PM

Workshop on repurposing caps from vintage soda bottles into wearable pins

Dec 12,    4 PM

Workshop on designing a bento box

Jan 9,    4 PM

Workshop on repurposing candy wrappers into weaved bracelets and coin purses

Goldwyn Hollywood

Dec 7,    1 PM

Talk on LaserDisc

Talk on the history of the LaserDisc

Granada Hills

Jan 12,    2-4 PM

Community Project – A Living Collection: The Granada Hills Deodars

Talk with arborist Frank McDonough from the Arboretum facilitating a community tree photo exhibit and sharing

Banner animation: Olive Percival’s handmade doll hats, Courtesy the Ella Strong Denison Library, Scripps College, Claremont, CA